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Abigails Teen Diary
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2 peep all of my diary entreez so far, click hear. If youre Lance Anderson plz don't watch nothing w/ yr name on it, thnx.

check it, my fave online comedy "Goodnight Burbank"


Abigail HannonBloombergers Syndrome. Thats this genetic thing that effects your DNNA and totally makes u look older n stuff. But thats ok coz the Doctor tells me hes working on a cure so im hoping itll clear up by high school.

Wot else can i tell u about me? i love k-fed (k-fed rox!), my dog is caled Federline, i wanna be a rapper 1 day, my BFF in the world is madison county, i totally totally heart lance anderson n i want world peas. thats a joke. about world peas. but i really do totally totally heart lance anderson.

Check in every day or so coz i upload a brand new video blog all the time, like @ least 3 times a week. theyre rilly short 2 which is cool coz 1) not everyone has a lot of time 2 watch videoz n 2) i dont have a lot of time 2 spend on making them.

oh n best of all, i want u to upload yr videos n talk 2 me! i totally got my nerdiest friend jerry talton to work up my website 4 me to do that. i think he did it coz he likes me. gross! but thats wot we girlz do i guess - we gotta work it. so leave yr messages, txt n video, and b-come my BFF :)

peace out!

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